My Angel, flung out of space.
 Being able to hold a book in my hands that holds such happiness, love, pride and emotion from times when i was hiding who i was and now being able to look back at those times and know that each tear stained page was all worth it now that i have such incredible love, happiness and pride in who i am.
 When memories become old photographs. The place I used to stand and think about everything from what the future had to hold, to how I was going too be able to come out to my family and friends and then one day that all changed and I was finally free.   14TH April 2017  That date will stay with me for the rest of my life, as its the day i had finally came out to all my family and I was free to live my truth and love who I was and am.
 They think i’m mad, they say it isn’t real, but i know what i feel and i love you.
 I’ve lost count at times i would walk through theses woods and just feel that sense of freedom and happiness i had never felt walking through life itself. That well walked path holds memories of times when i wondered freely through my heart and mind like know one was watching, which has now in turn aloud me to live so honestly and freely.
 You can handle more than you think. You have always been built to save yourself and you deserve more than you can ever began to imagine.
 Some memories never leave your bones, like salt in the sea; they become part of you and you carry them.
 Looking in to her eyes and having that courage to finally tell her the truth.   19TH April 2016   Abbie was one of the first friends i came out to and just by having her love and support over the last two years was and still is life changing.
 Standing with the future just at a grasp away from me, a day, a sunset, a sunrise away. With that i took one more step closer to the happiness and freedom I had been dreaming of for years.
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