End of a era... or the end of my degree!

So I'm graduating university this month, actually on the 17th of july and i can't quite believe it! i still don't think that university finishing and that I've actually got a degree in BA photography has sunk in yet even after having my degree show and work up in a gallery in London. 

whats next? thats a big question and one I've been asked a million times already and I'm still trying to figure that one out; but i do know what i want to do in the next few years and that is to continue to explore my own way of seeing the world through the blend of colour, photography and mixed media and then also teach photography and art. I've had the best experiences of teaching teenagers and children art and photography while I've been at uni and thats given me all the passion i need to pass on knowledge and the deep love and passion i have for art and the photographic world. If i can give back and help one child or young person to find there passion, love or even give them some hope and enjoyment in making art then I will be happy. 

So the next few weeks and months are going to be hard to find my path to being able to achieve my next goal in teaching but I'm determined to get there and I've never given up on my dreams before and I'm not now. hopefully when i write another blog post i will have found a job or a voluntary place within the arts and i will be on my new road to the dream life and job again.